Yerba Mate PORONGO ORGANIC Certified Unsmoked  / 1.10 Lbs Bag - High Quality
Yerba Mate PORONGO ORGANIC Certified Unsmoked  / 1.10 Lbs Bag - High Quality

Yerba Mate PORONGO ORGANIC Certified Unsmoked / 1.10 Lbs Bag - High Quality

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"PORONGO" is an organic certified yerba mate created and developed by Argentine publicist Carlos Bayala. Carlos Bayala partnered with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), came to lead Nike Soccer worldwide, created the NEW agency, anticipated the outcome of the plebiscite on the 2016 peace agreements in Colombia, works for NASA and now launches "Porongo", his own organic yerba mate.

"PORONGO" is a yerba mate with a long lasting flavor, very fresh, with a slightly bitter finish. It reminds somehow older and great versions of argentine organic brands ("jesper" & "Mision Natural") back in 2001 - 2003. It is perfect for those who love soft unsmoked yerbas with character. An excellent choice for starters and advanced mate drinkers.

Certified by Argentina Orgánica


• An alternative and sustainable agriculture and production model.
• The rational management of natural resources.
• The maintenance and increase of soil fertility.
• Animal welfare and biological diversity.
• The non-use of chemical synthesis products or genetically modified organisms.
• A strict quality control in its productive process, with certification.
• Social inclusion and the roots of the producers.
• Its freshness and flavor intact.

-Remember each Yerba deserves a personal experience. What's good for one mate drinker may not be the same for another. If you are new to this world, you will get to play around with many Yerba flavors. Some Yerba Mate drinkers even find their personal "right blend" by mixing different brands. We encourage you to play around with this fun and healthy habit -


Production: This ia an organic yerba mate. Organic teas have no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Also, they do not have artificial flavors or ingredients of any kind. The packaging material that is used with the organic teas is also organic, as the paper that is used is recycled and biodegradable and the ink is water based.

Origins: Produced by a small and independent producer in Misiones, the land of the Yerba Mate.

Aging: Usually the aging process for the organic teas are longer than the regular therefore the flavor and aroma is better. It also makes the yerba mate less acidic.